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CV. Jeel Salamah Indonesia is one of the leading shrimp processing company in Indonesia. It was established in 2000

Over the past 20 years, we have been successfully chained up our shrimp hatchery, shrimp farmer, suppliers and our professional team members. Through this vertical integration, we could guarantee food safety standard in each stage of production to deliver the best quality of shrimp to our customers.

Today, we have around 600 skilled workers that is ready to process wider range of product which specialized in producing finest breaded shrimp, which offer various of sea-caught shrimp freshly caught from sumatera Indonesia,

Our mission is to achieve ongoing commitment to build sustainable community through our Corporate Social Responsibility. We offer knowledge and skills to our employees to support individual’s talents, as well as motivate them to achieve target through rewarding system. Our organization believes that every member is an essential keystone to our success. Furthermore, we are focused in initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint. We have successfully increased the awareness of environmental protection among community.

Together with our teams, we promise to deliver safe and high quality products, support healthy living, safety work place and environment to our society, as well as to develop economic growth of the country where we operate.

Our Resource

Shrimp indonesia

Indonesia is one of the leading shrimp producer and exporter in the world. By implementing good aquaculture practices, good handling practices, good manufacturing practices, as well as social responsibility according to the International standard, Indonesia produces the best quality shrimp in the world. In cooperation with all the stakeholders, we invite you to discover the taste of 17,000 islands of Indonesian shrimp.


The trend of Indonesia shrimp export’s value in the main destination countries during 2001 to 2019 was increased such as in United States (14.83%), China (43.51%),  and  South Korea(9.85%). Mainly, Indonesia exports frozen shrimp to fulfill the global needs.



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Office Address

CV. Jeel Salamah Indonesia

FRG3+FRX, Purworejo, Kec. Pasir Sakti, Kabupaten Lampung Timur, Lampung 34387
Lampung – Indonesia


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